Miss Melody ft. Blaise - Pretty Boy - Music Video Release

Miss Melody launches the official music video from her new release ‘Pretty Boy’ and comes with her own Dj app for tablets and smartphones.Mid-November, Miss Melody returns with a brand new release. This newest production, 'Pretty Boy' brings together in a single track her favorite house music from over the years. “I'm particularly happy that again, I can make a track that appeals to the House/Tech House scene”, says Melody, after her most recent release 'Cuban Tech' and also with this ... Read more

Miss Melody finalizing new track in the studio

Last week Miss Melody and her manager Maurice Edelenbosch were visiting the White Villa studios in Ede (NL). Working with the SSL Duality Mixing device, Melody finishes her forhtcoming (February 2012) release "Pretty Boy". Read more

Collaboration DJ Miss Melody and Ultimate Management

Dutch DJ/ Producer Miss Melody  and Maurice Edelenbosch are proud to announce the recent collaboration between this talented artist and Ultimate Management. Miss Melody will be taking this next big step in her career supported by Maurice from Ultimate Management, who will undertake all tasks relating to label management, social media marketing, copy- and neighbouring rights and coaching of Miss Melody. Edelenbosch has had a vast experience in many different music scenes and, ... Read more

Collaboration Roy Gates and Ultimate Management

Dutch DJ/Producer Roy Gates and Maurice Edelenbosch are proud to anounce their recent collaboration. Ultimate Management will undertake all tasks relating copy and neighbouring rights (Sena)administration regarding Roy Gates' music. From 2004 till 2010 both gentlemen were colleagues on several succesfull projects for White Villa Entertainment.Last year Ultimate Management generated many neighbouring rights royalties for the label Multidisk.Watch the new Music ... Read more

Aristakes continues collaboration with Ultimate Management

The past two months Ultimate Management was handling several managing, marketing and backoffice activities for singer, pianist, songwriter, and entertainer Aristakes Jessayan. UM's core business was social network development, management and marketing. The new Aristakes Twitter, LinkedIn, Hyves, FaceBookMySpace and YouTube channels have been realised! After this succesfull cooporation Aristakes Jessayan and Maurice Edelenbosch ... Read more

Multidisk continues collaboration with Ultimate Management

Last summer Multidisk has embarked on a strategic partnership with Ultimate Management. The past period Ultimate Management was responsible for delivering back office support to several Multidisk projects. Multidisk teamed up with The Dutch Top 40 and Erik de Zwart to release "De 40 Beste Karaoke Hits" DVD sequence, of which Part 2 and Part 3 are already available in most CD/DVD shops. Because of the success of  this DVD serie, Ultimate Management will handle ... Read more

Collaboration Aristakes and Ultimate Management

Ultimate Management will be responcible for social network development and management for singer, pianist, songwriter and entertainer Aristakes Jessayan. Aristakes Jessayan is an entertainer at heart, he knows how to please the audience in his own particular way; his repertoire can be described as pretty much allround. His speciality would really be Neil Diamond and in some cases he is even known as the Dutch Neil Diamond! Aristakes also likes to perform and cover Elton John, ... Read more

Strategic partnership Multidisk and Ultimate Management

Multidisk BV has embarked on a strategic partnership with Ultimate Management. From now on, Ultimate Management will be responsible for delivering back office support at Multidisk's latest DVD-project "40 Best Karaoke Hit Songs".Multidisk teamed up with The Dutch Top 40 and Erik de Zwart to release a double-DVD sequence, of which part 1 and 2 are already available in most CD/DVD shops. The third in row, called "Top 40 presents: The Best Dutch Karaoke Hit Songs for Kids" will be released this ... Read more

Ultimate Management continues to work for FOAM

UM will continue to work for FOAM Music and is developing a web site for the very talented Joia Vita. This year, FOAM Music and their artists will be attending Popkomm in Berlin for the first time from 8-10 September. Read more

Ultimate Management attending Popkomm 2010

After a year of reinvigoration and collecting hot new contracts, Popkomm is making a comeback in 2010 with new dates, strong partners and a new location that is THE place to be. Popkomm 2010 consists of a marketplace, a festival ground and a BRAND NEW B2C area and will be integrated in the Berlin Music Week, which will be held 8-10 September 2010. The event will introduce international visitors and business professionals to all facets of music industry and culture in the capitol city. ... Read more