(08/2012-Now) In August 2012 Maurice Edelenbosch started a new label: UltimateDisk offers CD and DVD pressings, label and release management, marketing and promotion for artists, labels, studios and booking agencies headed for success! You'll find a selection of our most recent projects here.

Maurice Edelenbosch has more than 10 years experience in providing cd-pressings, releases, marketing and promotion! He provided artist, label and release management for White Villa Entertainment, Foam Music and Multidisk. Nowadays also for Feestartiesten.nl, HubscH Media, Storm Records, Peter La Haye Sound Producties en Frank van Etten Records.

Between 2012 and 2016 UltimateDisk provided cd-pressings, releases, marketing and promotion for:  Recent Projects

Website: Ultimatedisk.nl

Miss Melody

(08/2011-12/2013) Dutch DJ/ Producer Miss Melody and Maurice Edelenbosch are proud to announce the recent collaboration between this talented artist and Ultimate Management. Miss Melody will be taking this next big step in her career supported by Maurice from Ultimate Management, who will undertake all tasks relating to label management, social media marketing, copy- and neighbouring rights and coaching of Miss Melody.

Edelenbosch has had a vast experience in many different music scenes and, working previously within White Villa Entertainment, he has been responsible for other big name dj’s such as Jean, DJ JOSE, DJ Jurgen, Roy Gates, John Marks en Guru Josh Project. After much involvement in other scenes, Maurice is glad to return to the Dutch Dance arena. Last month his former colleague Roy Gates also started a collaboration with Ultimate Management. “It feels good to have these artists under my management. I’ve known them both for a long time and know exactly what I can expect. And that works both ways”.

Miss Melody also expresses confidence in the new partnership. “I’m very happy with this collaboration, it means a lot to me. I’m pretty sure I’m making a big step in the right direction. I’m convinced that my new single “Pretty Boy” will make a big impact in the charts and with Ultimate Management taking care of the business side, I feel like everything will fall into place”.

Growing up in Benidorm where her father owns a club, Miss Melody began her dj career in 1990. With her background firmly rooted in Dance music, her talent as an artist was recognised by many big clubs throughout Spain and also by other large events including Splass! and Ministry of Sound.

On her return to the Netherlands she quickly established herself in the local scene and in the last 12 years she has performed at many big parties and festivals, including Dance Valley, Impulz, Free Festival, Madhouse XL and the Fast Forward Dance Parade in Rotterdam. She has become known in the scene for her energy behind the decks and her stylish appearance. “I use my emotions to create the best for the crowd, without this I don’t think I’d be where I am today”, she says with conviction.

Her multi-cultural view of the House scene has allowed her to develop into a fresh-thinking Tech-House music lover. Listening back to her first release “Rotterdam City of Love”, released under the leading Axtone imprint, it’s easy to recognize her unique sound and why she had such success with it. And with “Pretty Boy” due for release that success will surely be continued. Miss Melody is poised for the next level in her dj career. Website: www.missmelody.com / Music video: "Pretty Boy"

Roy Gates

(07/2011-02/2012) Dutch DJ/Producer Roy Gates and Maurice Edelenbosch are proud to anounce their recent collaboration.

Ultimate Management will undertake all tasks relating copy and neighbouring rights (Sena)administration regarding Roy Gates' music.

From 2004 till 2010 both gentlemen were colleagues on several succesfull projects for White Villa Entertainment.

Last year Ultimate Management generated many neighbouring rights royalties for the label Multidisk.

Watch the new Music Video of: Roy Gates ft. Jay Colin track Let's Rock



(10/2010-03/2014) Ultimate Management is handling several managing, marketing and backoffice activities for singer, songwriter, pianist and entertainer Aristakes Jessayan. The new Aristakes Twitter, LinkedIn, Hyves , FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube channels are allready online!

In the early 80s, Aristakes did make it into the Top 40 with songs like "Don't wanna live without you" and "Kom in mijn armen", (come into my arms) a duet with Ciska Peters (a well-known Dutch singer). Lately the versatile Armenian artist released the fantastic album "The Winetheatre" and some beautyful songs as "We both know it", "Song for peace", "Oceans of love" and "Sail". After this he performed in the USA and even in Dubai. Ultimate Management is also responcible for the developement of the new Aristakes website and the release of the new Aristakes single and music video "Hey little girl"!



(08/2010-07/2012) This summer Multidisk has embarked on a strategic partnership with Ultimate Management. The past period Ultimate Management was responsible for delivering back office support to several Multidisk projects.

Multidisk teamed up with The Dutch Top 40 and Erik de Zwart to release "De 40 Beste Karaoke Hits" DVD sequence, of which Part 2 and Part 3 are already available in most CD/DVD shops. Because of the success of  this DVD serie, Ultimate Management will handle all copyright and neighboring rights for the new DVD project "My Name Is", which is a cooporation between a.o. Multidisk and RTL4!

Danny Bultman (Multidisk) and Maurice Edelenbosch (Ultimate Management) are intending to expand their cooporation in 2011!


FOAM Music

(2010) Ultimate Management was handling all back office, product, label and artist management for the FOAM Music label. FOAM is an upcoming and inspired company situated in Barneveld. The company backs artist the likes of Jerry Given, Isa B, Joia Vita, Justin Case and The Givemeister.

Successful projects within the company:


White Villa Entertainment

(2004-2010) As a general manager I have greatly enjoyed working for White Villa Entertainment in Ede. In this period the company grew from studio to full circle Entertainment Enterprise with its own record company, various labels, a video and DTP department and a marketing & PR department.

Succesful project within the company: