My name is Maurice Edelenbosch. On January 1st 2010, I decided to continue my career as an independent freelance project manager. Many years of experience as a general manager in almost all sections of the entertainment industry and working as a retail manager, enable me to meet the need for all-round, flexible and objective management support in the entertainment business.

Ultimate Core Values
I highly value honesty and integrity. I believe in the power of people. One of the things that motivate me most in my line of work is to get people to perform above (their own) expectation. I am a person who is both commercially driven and independent with management skills to boot.

Ultimate Focus
I focus on the quality of processes on the work floor and in marketing, sales and services: improving and managing them. This is how continuity and credibility is created in any line of business. I look at the context, point out problems and present realistic and feasible advice on how to deal with them in a specific organization.

Ultimate Management
Although I will be there to provide any necessary support, people I work with are left with an enormous amount of space for personal input. In my opinion, this is how to develop the responsibility and creativeness with people that will benefit organizations. All the while, procuring business objectives remains our central and common point of interest.

Ultimate Image
Image is everything in our business., though it takes a lot of time and energy to work on, apart from the effort already put in the career itself. If you aim to outshine your competitors, you will need to get your basics organised to back it up. Make sure everything is in place, from photo shoot and repertory all the way down to managing your agenda, biography, website and social networks.

Ultimate Vision
In order to be successful, you need a vision and a strategy to back it up. It is truly a pity that there are still a great number of enterprises within our branch that are put out for lack of a vision. Whenever the basics are in order and processes run smoothly, chances of survival are the highest. The fields in which I offer structured support to make a difference are relationship management, communications, teambuilding and motivation, professionalism, service, keeping appointments and respecting agreements.

Ultimate Accelerator
Having a solid network is invaluable when you know how to put it to use. My extensive personal network reinforces my knowledge and experience in the business, enabling me to gear up quickly. The right contacts and short lines of communication accelerate a positive outcome, i.e. succes. That's how it works!

Ultimate Key
With Ultimate Management I have bundled up my knowledge, personality and network to provide the best type of service in this branch: all-round, flexible and above all result driven. I would like to invite you to check out my web site and find out in what way I could be of service to your organization!